San José, Costa Rica

We love sunsets.

One of our favorite restaurants, in Jenner, sits at the western end of the Russian River, right where the river meets the Pacific Ocean. The owners of that restaurant also love sunsets, clearly; their website lives at And we've seen some of our favorite sunsets, there.

But everyone has their own favorite sunsets, wherever they are; and, every day, there are so many sunsets that we're not seeing, all around the world.

So what if you could watch a sunset—a sunset that was happening now—whenever you wanted to? We've built that, via the magic of AI. When you load the website, or when you open the app: you're seeing the sun as it's setting, right now.

Sometimes, these AI-generated sunsets are tropical; sometimes they're pastoral; maybe the sun is setting in a remote location you've always dreamed of traveling to, or in the big city where you live. And sometimes, these sunsets have a vibe that might be... just a little weird. But they're always beautiful.

Because there's always time for a sunset somewhere. And if you also love sunsets, we want to show them to you.